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Three Ways to Blend Two Images Together in Photoshop

Learn 3 powerful ways to blend photos and composite images in Photoshop. Covers layer opacity, layer blend modes, and layer masks! Perfect for beginners.
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We start with the most basic way to blend two photos together using the Layer Opacity option in the Layers panel (0:37). The Opacity option is an easy way to change the transparency of a layer, allowing the image on the layer below it to show through. From there, we learn how to get more interesting and creative results by blending images using Photoshop's layer blend modes (2:54).
Blend modes are great for blending any two images together, but they're especially useful for blending a texture with a photo. And finally, we learn how to blend two images seamlessly together using a layer mask (5:55).
Unlike the Opacity option and blend modes which blend entire layers at once, layer masks in Photoshop let us show and hide different parts of a layer, making them perfect for blending images.

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Mr Wow