Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

We have access and keep only data’s that you have personally uploaded on our site, the data that have been sent by email and other contacting ways also consist this rule and regulations. keep in mind that we do not sale this data to anyone, and do not allow too.
We use your data only to respond to you and don't share it to any third person, just for notifications and Asamayi online tv updates.


When the visitors let comment in our site, we keep and save the data’s in their comments, we also use the visitors' IP address and browser to help distinguish spammers. With the help of hashed code, display your email address as avatar. The privacy rules are available at After confirming your avatar photo will be public.


In case you upload videos on our website, please avoid uploading videos which have been your location embedded on. the visitors can extract your location from.

Our Contact

We save your data with its information like, sent time, IP address and browser. we save them for unlimited time with the objective future need, but you can request to remove by contacting us.


If you comment on website, there is possibilities that your information’s like name, email address and your websites being saved in cookies. this cookie is for saving your time, therefore, you need not to fill the basic info next time. this info's does not consist of your personal information.